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Kennedy Webcast – Quoting Higher Rates And Overcoming Objections Regarding Rate/Availability Restrictions

“As many resorts, vacation rental companies, and hotels enter the peak booking season, now is a great time to train your reservations team on tactics for successfully selling the higher rates that your revenue managers have most likely rolled out this year,” said Kennedy.

Due to today’s highly advanced revenue management and pricing systems, today’s reservations and even hotel sales staff have to explain and defend complex rate fences, restrictions, rate variance, and mid-stay rate changes. While questions usually come up before booking, sometimes guest services staff even have to defend them after booking or upon arrival. Tactics covered include:

• Convincing yourself that higher rates match the value received and a reminder that it is their money, not yours!

• We don’t raise rates during busy seasons! High-season rates are the “normal” rates; they go down during periods of lower demand!

• How to explain rates that change between a first inquiry and a call-back.

• Overcoming objections to revenue management “levers” such as minimum stays and “day of arrival” restrictions.

• “When all you have left is all you have left, never say ‘All we have left is…” and instead position remaining options in a positive way.

• How to “downsell” when necessary to less desirable options based on locations, lack of views, and/or size.

Doug’s monthly webcast training events rotate each month, covering topics related to hospitality excellence, transient reservations sales, and hotel group/event sales. In creating this series, Doug draws on content from his on-site training programs, conference keynote presentations, and his monthly training articles.

Everyone who registers receives a link to the recording, even if they cannot attend. The 40-minute format is perfect for “lunch and learns” or staff meetings. The target audience is anyone who is interested in upskilling themselves or others, and the topic areas are broad enough to be relevant for all sectors of the lodging industry.

“We are grateful to the generosity of our sponsors who have allowed us to offer complimentary admission,” said Kennedy. “It takes a lot of time to design, promote, and deliver these events, and so we would normally charge at least $99 registration per person, but this series is now completely free to all.”



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Feb 19 2024


12:00 pm - 12:40 pm

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