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Kennedy Webcast – Contemporary Approaches for Upselling at Registration

Too often hotels rely solely on pre-arrival upsell drip campaigns, but with similar offers from airlines, rental cars, and other hotels flooding their inboxes, most guests ignore them, if they even make it through spam. Upselling can best be accomplished when welcoming front desk colleagues to have authentic, human conversations. Also, whereas drip campaigns market accommodation types, human receptionists sell specific locations and views. Human conversations take place upon arrival, a time during which guests are likely to feel more spontaneous and indulgent after a long day of stressful travel and at a time when they are only looking at the incremental “gap amount” to treat themselves. Upselling tactics covered include:

• Re-assuring them that the room they already “bought” is still a great option (and if applicable, that loyalty membership has already been considered with the preassigned room.)

• Opening the door to a conversation by asking if they are aware of, or interested in, available upgraded options.

• Presenting availability as a special, timely opportunity.

• Using “Rate Framing” to create value.

• Using an incremental quoting approach.

• Conveying the value received with the upgrade, including specifics of the actual room location or view.

• Using recommendations and/or endorsements.




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Dec 18 2023


Fri, Oct 20, 2023 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM EDT
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