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What does the future of travel hold?

How are soaring prices going to affect the travel appetite?

How is the travel industry combating current issues such as staff shortages, that are affecting service and the traveler experience?

Could digitalization be a possible solution to these woes?

Attend our virtual roundtable to discover the answers to these questions, and many more!

It’s safe to say that the world has changed drastically within the past two years, and that this has affected every aspect of our lives, but particularly the way we travel. Travel used to give us a break from our worries, a chance to rest and recharge while leaving behind the stress of everyday life, and an opportunity to experience adventure without a care in the world.

With cancelations, lockdowns, strikes, and staff shortages looming, can travel continue to provide the escapism that it used to offer? Is it still possible to have complete peace of mind and switch off while on holiday or is this a thing of the past? Are we increasingly moving towards workations, sacrificing real downtime and relaxation?

Join us as we explore what the future of travel might look like.

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Oct 05 2022


4pm CEST
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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